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About Us

Welcome to our coven,

Make yourself at home, grab a brew and have a browse through our beautiful handmade items.

Here you will find an array of witchy artwork and accessories. We even have a collection of home living products so make sure you hunt out your favorites!

We originally started out in 2017 as a vegan cosmetics company by the name of Moonlight Mermaids but have since rebranded as we changed direction and our creativity blossomed!

Our business is currently made up of two main artists that work both together and independently to bring you the highest quality items!

About the artists:

Gabrielle Cleverley

'I am fascinated with the forest, crystals and outer space. My interests definitely show within my work and I truly believe that my handmade items all hold a little piece of my personality and soul within them. I love making macrame wall hangings as I am very interested in knot work and understand the concept of trapping vibrations within the knots. I would definitely call myself a healer amongst many other things. I am also experimenting with orgone energy and will soon have my own pieces of orgonite for sale. I hope that you enjoy my work and if you chose to purchase today, you can be assured that a ton of love has gone into every single piece!' - Gabbi x

IG: @mermaidgabrielle


Katie Bella

Hello! I’m Katie Bella and I create resin decor for aesthetic purpose's. I try and use eco friendly products with everything i create. Everything I create I make sure is made out of positive vibes and love ready to be shipped to its new home! Im a hippie at heart so i make everything with the intention of it being not only a gorgeous piece of decor but full of positive, earthy vibes. Creating the resin decor has become my new favourite thing to do. To make something for someone else to fit their aesthetic needs, makes me so happy! I hope you enjoy my art as much as i enjoy making it for you! - Katie Bella x


We are proud to support LOCAL! If you are a kick ass artists, model or witch and you have any questions about collaborating with us, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We have lovingly created our launch range with you in mind. 



Gypsi Coven is a UK based alternative healing company.

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